CHN 550: Teaching English Conversation in China

An Internship + Study Abroad + Service Learning Program

  • Open to ANY major
  • No Chinese language knowledge necessary
  • Receive pre-service and in-service support in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
  • Experience Chinese hospitality at its finest
  • Supported by Chinese school officials and teachers who treat the Truman Interns with immense gratitude and respect
  • Have myriad opportunities to interact with teachers and students outside of the classroom
  • Travel in rural China and observe this how this agricultural region is quickly adapting to the 21st century
  • Experience Chinese culture first-hand, on a daily basis, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

The Program

A Transformative Experience

You and another Truman intern will assist the English faculty teaching English Conversation at Shuizhai High School, living in faculty housing on the school's campus.

You will also travel, on a rotating basis, to Da Jin Village (pop. 800) and neighboring Da Tin Township (pop. 2000) to assist the English teachers in the elementary and middle schools there.

Duties include:

  • directing listening and speaking activities to 1st & 2nd year honors students at Shuizhai High School
  • conducting EFL activities in the K-6 and middle (7-9) schools in Da Jin Village & Da Tin Township
  • meeting students outside of class for English Corner for informal conversation
  • meeting with the English faculty for informal conversation
  • serving as an English language resource for students and faculty
  • serving as a cultural representative of the United States

Since 2004, 18 Truman students have served as EFL Interns at Shuizhai High. You're next!

Shuizhai (above) is a charming rural area, 200 miles from Hong Kong


Spacious & Modern

You'll live on the Shuizhai High School's spacious campus in a modern, furnished apartment building, including a computer, high-speed internet connection, and a phone for receiving international calls. Mobile phones are also readily available.

Shuizhai High School will provide the EFL Interns with an on-site mentor and translator. In addition, the school can provide tutoring in Mandarin Chinese. The school is located in the city of Shuizhai and is within walking distance of restaurants, grocery stores and markets. The city also has a Christian church (service in Chinese), also within walking distance.

Shuizhai, a city of 400,000, is located approximately 200 miles from Hong Kong, in northern Guangdong Province. It's the county seat of Wu Hua County, which has a population of 1.2 million. The majority of Wu Hua County lives in small villages where subsistence agriculture (i.e., rice, vegetables, & poultry) is the main economic activity.

Travel to Shanghai (above) and other Chinese cities while you're there


All your current scholarships and financial aid apply toward the total program cost!

In addition, students may apply for the Cheung Annual Scholarship. Based on financial need, students may receive a scholarship of up to $2,500.  Contact Dr. Timothy Farley for details.

The program cost of approximately $3500 (not including tuition) includes:

  • RT transportation Chicago – Hong Kong – Shuizhai
  • 2 nights room and board in Hong Kong
  • Study abroad administrative fee + health insurance
  • Housing on Shuizhai High School Campus (1 or 2 bedroom furnished apartment, with internet connection)

Expenses not included:

  • Pre-departure vaccinations $150.00- $500.00
  • Monthly living expenses in China $100/month
  • Passport & Visa for China $275.00

Application Deadlines

Sept 30 - Spring Internships; March 30 - Fall Internships

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